Covid 19/Coronavirus

Suzio Insurance is committed to servicing all your insurance needs during the Covid 19/Coronavirus Pandemic.  Our office is closed to the public until further notice so we can follow the social distancing guidelines set forth by our local and federal government. Some employees are still working on site, and some are working remotely to further prevent the spread of this virus.

There is no doubt that the coronavirus will result in insurance claims being made. The question is, will there be coverage for those claims?  The answer is not entirely clear, but most insurance policies contain exclusions that would exclude coverage for coronavirus related claims.  Whether there is ultimately coverage for a particular claim will depend upon the individual circumstances involved and the language contained in the subject insurance policy.

If you have a claim or potential claim, please submit that claim to our agency in writing and e-mail or fax it to our office.  We will review the claim and submit to the insurance company for coverage determination.  It is the insurance company that makes the coverage decision and all coverage decisions require analysis of the claim’s unique facts against the specific terms of any insurance policy.

Our website has contact information for our carriers, and we ask that you do utilize their phone and website services after normal business hours or when necessary.

As always, the health and safety of you, your family and our employees, are of the highest priority.

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